Friday, June 26, 2009

Wescue: Schnitzel & Pitzel

Schnitzel and Pitzel were good little Westies.

A kind gentleman had bought them as a present for his wife at Christmas six years ago, and they had all lived quite happily together. Until this spring, when the gentleman's wife passed away.

Pitzel and Schnitzel had been together all their lives, and the gentleman wanted to try to keep them together, even though he could no longer care for them.

Enter Westie Rescue. In conjunction with Kitchen Magic's Wescue charity, they were able to find a family who would take both dogs. Now Schnitzel and Pitzel are together, delighting their new owners who love and care for them.

There are lots of other Schnitzels and Pitzels out there just waiting for someone to love. Support your local animal shelter today!

See their story and video of Schnitzel and Pitzel here.

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