Monday, November 16, 2009

Organize Your Closet Today!

Tired of having a messy closet? Here are some steps you can take to make your closet space more organized and accessible.

You should have nothing in your closet that isn't currently wearable. Take out anything that doesn't fit or is out of style. If you haven't worn a particular item of clothing in a year, ask yourself when you will wear it again, and answer honestly.

Make sure everything in your closet goes with something else. If you have items in your closet that have sentimental or nostalgic value but are not likely to be worn, put them in storage. Remove anything that needs to be cleaned or that needs either alterations or mending.

Separate clothing by season, and put the off-season clothing in storage. Separate formal clothing from work clothing from casual clothing and group like with like.  For quick and easy dressing, hang full outfits together.

If you have clothes that have come back from the cleaners, take them out of the plastic bags; those clutter up your closet. Rehang the clothes onpadded  or plastic tubular hangers. Wire hangers make marks in the shoulders of your shirts and cardboard crossbars get sticky and leave a line on folded pants. Take your wire hangers to the dry cleaner so the hangers can be recycled.

The best way to organize your closet is with a closet system like the one you see above from Closets & Home Organization by Kitchen Magic.  Kitchen Magic closet systems are custom manufactured using only the finest materials and come in many stunning colors. Each rod, rack, divider, basket and shelf will help you keep your things your way.

Based on your preferences, we'll show you how to utilize all of your vertical closet space including those formerly 'dead' corners. You'll be amazed at the storage you never knew you had!

Give us a call today at 1-800-237-0799, or click here.  Our professional storage specialists will be happy to arrange an in-home consultation, to show you how affordable and convenient a new closet can be.

Kitchen Magic specializes in kitchen remodeling, including new custom cabinetry, cabinet refacing, and luxury countertops.

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