Friday, September 25, 2009

Wescue: Phinneas

Phinneas (seen above in the pet carrier) is a cute little boy Westie from Lebanon Township, NJ, who is four years old.  His owners had to give him up because they have teenagers and two other dogs, and Phinneas needs more attention to be happy. They want Phinneas to have a better life with people that have more time for him.

Kitchen Magic's pet rescue charity, Wescue, is taking him to his new owners, a retired nurse and her elderly mother. They are very eager to get him and can hardly wait!  They will be living in two homes, one in Massachusetts and a summer home in Maine.

Phinneas is seen above with Shannon and Molly, the mother and daughter pair who are now in their new home.

Please support your local animal shelter. You can make a world of difference for a deserving cat or dog.

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