Friday, October 30, 2009

Wescue: Debbie and Maxie

This is little Debbie, a charming young Westie. Sadly, she has a skin condition that requires treatments for about two months.

Her owner fell on hard times and did not have the money to pay for her food and medicine. She called Westie Rescue, who took her in. Wescue, Kitchen Magic's animal rescue charity, picked her up, and it was heartbreaking as her owner cried.

Her skin is showing improvement, but she needs a new owner who can care for her. She is very sweet and accustomed to indoor life.

Maxie appears to be a mini-Schnauzer, who comes from a home that did not want him any more.  He is VERY energetic and very sweet. A young family who had recently lost a min-Schnauzer adopted him briefly, but there were allergy issues, and they had to return him. That is why we suspect he is not a pure-bred Schnauzer.

If you can give a home to either or both of these dogs, please contact Westie Rescue or click here. Remember, you may not be able to change the world,  but you can change the world for one animal. Please support your local pet shelter.

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