Friday, October 9, 2009

Where Were You in 1979?

Since 1979, Kitchen Magic has provided quality kitchen refacing and remodeling to our customers at an affordable price. You've helped us become the largest kitchen refacer in the U.S. We will celebrate its 30th anniversary in November of this year, and to celebrate, we'll look back at some of what made 1979 special.

Earlier we looked back and reminisced about the top music hits for 1979. We also had a look at the top movies of that year.

In 1979, there were just over 76 million households with televisions, but viewers were pretty much confined to the three broadcast networks, ABC,NBC, and CBS (Fox was many years in the future) or a few local channels. Just one out of every five homes had access to cable TV, and Time magazine marvelled that cable viewers might be able to see as many as 36 channels on it some day.

Let's count down the thirty most popular shows in 1979, starting with 21 through 30. How many of these do you recall?

21. Barney Miller
22. WKRP in Cincinnati
23. Benson
24. The Love Boat
25. Soap
26. Diff'rent Strokes
27. Mork & Mindy
28. Fantasy Island
29. Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (above, Jeff Goldblum (Brown Shoe) and Ben Vereen (Tenspeed) contemplate better roles to come in the future)
30. ABC Sunday Night Movie

Can you guess the number one show in 1979? Send your answers here.

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